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Commercial & Residential Investments

Want to invest in commercial or residential property?

Seek the finance at competitive rates to maximise your return. The Subiaco finance brokers at Sonam Capital are ready to assist.

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Commercial and Residential Investments Loans

Are you looking to invest in a commercial or residential property? Do you need a property loan to secure your investment?

Sonam Capital proudly offers loans for commercial and residential investments in Perth and across Australia.

Commercial Property investment loans

Nick, Wayne and Amanda have secured meaningful, long-term networks with Australia’s leading lenders to give clients the greatest borrowing power through greater choice.

Whether you’re interested in a factory, office space or retail property, the type of loan you need will be based on whether you’re buying commercial property as an investor or business owner.

Need guidance? You don’t need to decipher the documentation and jargon alone. Instead, the team will empower you in industry relevant, brokerage advice you can easily understand.

Your boutique Perth finance brokers are here to advise and support you in choosing the best suited commercial property loan to your needs and budget.

Residential Property investment loans

Are you thinking about investing in residential property?

Doing so can be a rewarding financial strategy to unlock tax benefits, obtain rental income and experience the financial paybacks capital growth of a property provides.

Sonam Capital will help you understand the ins and outs of your residential loan for investment purposes. Feel empowered and confident in your client experience and lending outcomes with reputable lenders.

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  • Can I use equity in my home to invest in property? Yes, you can if you have built up a strong amount of usable equity in your current property. This means you can put this equity towards an investment property deposit, and/or other related expenses such as stamp duty.
  • How much can I borrow for an investment property? There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to this question, as it’s dependant on many factors. These factors include, but aren’t limited to the intended deposit, income and existing properties.
  • What does principal and interest only mean? The money agreed to pay back (i.e., the loan amount) is what is known as the ‘principle.’ Interest only repayments are limited to paying back just the interest for a set period of time.

Looking to pursue a loan for a commercial or residential investment? Consult the industry experts and capitalise on competitive rates.

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Investing in commercial or residential property?
Seek finance at competitive rates to maximise your return available from Sonam Capital
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