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Australia's financial services regulator, ASIC, has written to 30 of Australia's largest home loan lenders to remind them of their obligation to support customers experiencing financial hardship.

ASIC said it was seeing evidence of increasing financial distress, due to higher interest rates and inflation, so lenders needed to have appropriate arrangements in place. ASIC told lenders they should:

* Be proactive about telling borrowers how and when they can seek help
* Think of sustainable solutions to their customersโ€™ problems
* Communicate regularly with customers during and at the end of the assistance period

Despite ASICโ€™s observations, the number of distressed property listings has been falling, according to SQM Research data (see graph).

In July, there were 5,277 distressed listings throughout Australia, which was 1.1% lower than the month before and 15.7% lower than the year before.

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