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South Australia has topped the economic performance leaderboard in CommSecโ€™s quarterly State of the States ranking.

South Australia placed first in four of the eight economic indicators โ€“ economic growth, unemployment, construction work and home building starts.

The other four indicators were topped by Queensland (home loans), Western Australia (population growth), Tasmania (equipment spending) and the ACT (retail spending).

โ€œFor the first time in the history of our reports, South Australia has taken the lead. Population growth in South Australia has tripled over the past two years, which is showing up in a strong housing market and overall economic activity. However, South Australia canโ€™t rest easily. It is likely the state will face challenges from New South Wales and Victoria in the period ahead,โ€ CommSec chief economist Craig James said.

CommSec ranks the states/territories by comparing their current performances on the eight key indicators with their long-term averages.

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