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House rents have now increased for ten consecutive quarters and unit rents nine, both records, according to Domain.

Across the capital cities, rents increased by 13.2% for houses and a staggering 23.7% for units (see table) in the year to September. That said, the quarter-on-quarter statistics suggests rent growth is slowing.

โ€œIt is unusual for rent gains to decelerate when Australiaโ€™s vacancy rate is at a record low, overseas migration is strong and rental supply is constrained,โ€ Domain said.

โ€œThe slowing rental growth suggests an affordability ceiling is being reached as strained tenant budgets cannot keep pace with escalating rents and living costs. These dynamics are likely to have led to a reconsideration of house shares or opting for a more affordable location, property type or size.โ€

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