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Buy and hold tends to be a profitable real estate strategy, judging by recent CoreLogic data.

An analysis of 76,000 resales in the March quarter found 92.3% of homes were sold for more than the purchase price โ€“ including 97.7% of houses and 82.5% of units.

The median nominal gain for resales was $276,500. As the graph shows, the longer you hold, the greater your profit tends to be.

"Ultimately the portion of sellers making a nominal gain remains high, and rising home values nationally for the months of March, April and May suggests that the housing market downturn saw a trough in February of this year," CoreLogic head of research Eliza Owen said.

"There may be some motivated selling reflected in the next few quarters, where property owners willingly sell at a loss to avoid rising mortgage interest, but ultimately profitability is expected to remain elevated as positive capital growth trends return to the market.

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