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Property investors continue to enjoy strong income growth, with rents hitting record levels in many parts of the country.

For the March quarter, capital city rents were at record highs everywhere except Canberra and Darwin, according to Domain.

In other record-breaking results:

* National house rents were at record highs
* National unit rents were at record highs
* National house rents set a record for the most continuous quarters of growth (8)
* National unit rents set a record for the most continuous quarters of growth (7)

Domain's chief of research and economics, Nicola Powell, said the reason rents are growing strongly is due to a shortage of rental accommodation.

โ€œThis is happening Australia-wide, in capital cities as well as in regional Australia to different degrees. In addition, when we look at overseas migration into Australia, which has come roaring back, most temporary visa holders will
want to find a rental and thatโ€™s going to weigh in over this year and next. So, the outlook looks really bleak,โ€ she said.

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