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While renters preferred bigger homes during the pandemic, there's been a marked shift towards smaller properties since the pandemic ended, according to PropTrack data.

In November 2020, houses rented faster than units; but in January 2024, the opposite was true. Compared to November 2020, houses are now renting 9% faster, but units are renting 36% faster.

Economic analyst Megan Lieu said living close to the CBD has regained importance since workers started returning to the office.

β€œUnits not only tend to be located closer to public transport and in inner-city areas, but are also cheaper to rent compared to houses in similar areas. For these reasons, it is unsurprising that units, particularly those in inner-city areas, are growing in popularity among renters,” she said.

β€œAnother drawcard for units is a higher proportion of vacancies. The vacancy rate for houses is 0.9%, whereas 1.6% of units are currently available for rent. This means that renters have less competition and more options if they choose to rent units over houses.”

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