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The Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) has made a series of recommendations to improve housing and rental affordability.

REIA said โ€œthe immediate short-term and long-term housing market policy focusโ€ should be to increase housing supply and better use existing supply. With that in mind, REIA recommended that federal and state governments:

* Eliminate stamp duty
* Promote property investment
* Incentivise investors to choose long-term leasing over Airbnb-style leasing
* Provide assistance to first home buyers
* Make it easier for older homeowners to downsize

REIA data show that the share of income the average household needs to meet their mortgage repayments ranges from 34.4% in the Northern Territory to 56.0% in New South Wales, while the equivalent rental figure ranges from 19.7% in the ACT to 27.3% in Tasmania (see graph).

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